Kitchen Trends

kitchen trend

Kitchen trends in 2021 focus on the latest trends and technologies used by professional companies for building, designing, maintaining and designing worktops, cabinets and fittings to optimise space, function and efficiency. The report focuses on the latest design approvals, technology advances, ergonomic improvements and kitchen storage needs. It also discusses new trends in kitchen design such as under-counter ovens, self-cleaning ovens, induction cooktops and integrated fridge/freezer. It looks at how these developments will impact the future of the construction industry. It also looks at how kitchen finishing materials and tools can be used to create a modern look with a sleek, clean and contemporary finish.


Kitchen trends place more emphasis on innovative design and incorporate the latest design approvals, technology advances and kitchen storage needs. It also looks at new trends in kitchen island designs and under-counter ovens. The kitchen island concept has been around for a while and is a popular addition to small and medium-sized kitchens. In this modernized world where people are constantly on the move, the kitchen island offers an ideal place for multi-tasking. The installation of a kitchen island frees up the rest of the room to create open-plan living rooms or dining spaces.


Kitchen trends covers the design and manufacture of kitchen worktops. It features an image credit and description of the manufacturers’ ranges and the benefits of choosing their products. The report includes a comprehensive discussion on how to choose high-quality worktops and a detailed analysis of the different types of materials available. The latest trends in designer kitchens include granite, quartz, marble and limestone, with information on how each one can enhance the look and function of kitchens.

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