What is special about artisan fashion?

Artisan fashion

When we hear about artisan fashion, it is not easy to become a concept clear what this expression means. And is that for a long time, those two words – Fashion and Crafts – did not seem to have any relationship.

However, thanks to the evolution of design for the fashion industry and the awareness that has been awakened around manual techniques, it is now possible to enjoy fashion accessories that not only carry in their essence the artisan tradition of ancient peoples, They are also adapted to current outfits and clothing.

But is a Handmade Fashion Piece Really That Special?

Well, on the one hand, think that when you use a fashion piece made with artisanal techniques, you know that you are using a unique garment, since because it is made by hand and not in series or by a machine, it is as if each product had your own personal DNA.

Artisan clothes and accessories tools

On the other hand, by incorporating artisan fashion into your closet, you are also helping to perpetuate the culture of those artisan communities that would otherwise have no way to tell the world their story. Thus, you become a messenger of a tradition and an instrument of continuity of the legacy of our ancestors.

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