What Do Children Learn in an East Kilbride Nursery?

teacher in a nursery school

If you’re considering sending your child to an East Kilbride nursery, you may wonder what they learn during their time there. Thankfully, the first years of preschool are a great time to teach children how to learn through play. Besides early literacy and numeracy skills, you can also help them develop their social skills, cooperation, and even problem-solving skills.

a group of children in a nursery

Learning through play

Learning through play is an integral part of any nursery curriculum, and is particularly influential in the early years. It allows children to develop their language and communication skills, which they would otherwise not develop. This kind of play also supports the development of social skills.

Social skills

In any East Kilbride nusery, children learn how to interact with others through play. The social skills they know will be helpful later on in life. For example, children learn to understand what others are feeling and to cooperate. It is also essential for children to learn to respect others. Social skills are crucial for a child to succeed in school. Without them, children will have difficulty communicating and understanding others.


In the early years of nursery education, children learn to recognise numerals in their environment and to use them to solve problems. For example, they understand that a house number indicates where it is located, a bus’s number indicates its route, and the number on a car’s number plate indicates its owner.


A key component of learning in a nursery is science. Science is understanding various concepts and processes, ranging from biology and chemistry to physics, earth and space. Children learn about scientific methods and phenomena by observing and exploring their natural surroundings. They can also apply their knowledge to new situations and predict future outcomes.

Physical development

Physical development is an integral part of a child’s early development. It helps children develop strong muscles and bones and promotes good self-confidence. It can also help children learn social skills like taking turns and getting along. It can also help develop gross motor skills.


Communication is an essential skill for children to develop from an early age. In the nursery, children learn to communicate with each other and adults. They can express their feelings through sounds, facial expressions, and gestures. They are also taught how to use words and sentences appropriately.

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