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Artisan fashion

Artisan fashion is gaining territory, with hand embroidery, hand painting, hand made textiles, printing of different cultures on each material made by artisans, in this way it has gained a lot of space and has become something more attractive to consumers. The customer is caring more about the environment, and for the treatment of employees for this reason has raised awareness and has become increasingly closer to artisan products.

Artisan and handmade fashion

At the beginning when everything was industrialized, customers were so excited by the issue that the purpose was to buy industrialized garments, easy to produce and buy, but since everything reaches a balance, there is already a global awareness and therefore the consumer. Nowadays, he is more aware when it comes to acquiring a fashion product.And due to the versatility of artisan fashion, the consumer has realized that they can purchase more original, creative and natural products, with more character compared to mass products.

The talent of artisans means an enormous added value, the need for companies to develop a sustainable model, and ethical business practices combined with the loss of ancestral and traditional techniques, positions artisan fashion as the possible future of fashion.The fusion of craftsmanship with current design and trends has the possibility of honoring and valuing the history and tradition of craftsmanship, as well as everyone involved in the process, in this way obtaining an original product with added value for everything the meaning it entails and for all the manual work it represents.

A variety of organizations have emerged to promote artisan work, as it is one of the largest in generating employment in the world, by enhancing it, promoting greater job creation, personal and economic development, and promoting the development of communities and sustainable development .

In artisan fashion, the producers or brands are directly related to the manufacturers of the product, generating sources of ethical and sustainable work so that the ancestral traditions of the different peoples do not die. This model will be the revitalizer of different communities, empowerment of women and growth.

The future of fashion must work hand in hand with sustainability and the production of creative products, of excellent quality, which at the same time have a meaning that goes beyond the product itself, and that is where the importance of work lies. of artisans, who take pride in each piece they make and leave all their essence in each creation. This would be one of the keys to building an ethical and aesthetic fashion industry, which cares about the environment, for each material that is used but especially for everyone involved in the process of each product.