Food Recycling

food recycling

Food Recycling is an increasingly popular concept all over the world as more people recognize the importance of reusing food. When you implement such a food recycling scheme for your company, it only makes sense to run a waste audit on a regular basis. Waste audits let you identify areas for improvement in your food recycling programme and which food are actually being wasted the most. The food waste audit report not only helps you make changes to your programme, but also to ensure that the changes you make are effective.

Food Recycling Nowadays it is not uncommon to come across food-scrap recycling programs, especially in developed countries. Some developing countries implement food-scrap recycling programs, believing that it will promote food self-sufficiency. The truth however, is that food-scrap recycling programs tend to capture very little of the waste produced by their production facilities, since the majority of food-scrap recycling is organic (and therefore potentially carbon-dioxide-efficient). Developing countries therefore tend to use up more resources than they need.

How do we prevent food waste? The simple answer is to never throw away food by throwing them in your bin, you can instead to donate them to food recycling companies who will process the food scraps and then sell it to restaurants and other food service providers. However, the problem is that there is no legislation in the US or UK to ensure that food recycling companies actually take the food scraps to this far. Therefore it is up to you to check that the company you are using takes the food waste you throw in to a responsible place. Another solution is to make sure you check regularly whether or not the company you are going to be registered with the Food Waste Association. Finally remember that simple steps like using reusable bags when throwing food in the bin, mixing food with trash and asking for the bin to be emptied at the end of the day will go a long way in helping you avoid food waste.

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