Three keys to achieving an environmentally friendly closet

Environmentally friendly closet

Living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle has never been a more pressing need. And our closet is definitely an everyday space, from where we can contribute to heal the planet. Here are three simple but high-impact keys to an environmentally friendly closet.

Since a large part of the waste that accumulates in landfills comes from the textile industry – taking years to decompose – or even the waste that ends up in the oceans; With these three keys you will be able to reduce your negative impact on the environment.


Three keys to achieving an environmentally friendly closet. Give a long and happy life to your clothes. Wear that party dress, or that spectacular blouse for various events. What does it matter if you appear in the photos with the same garment again! Even celebrities have become aware and today you can see several of them repeating a dress in different award galas.

Or if you prefer, give someone else the opportunity to wear that dress. Take it to a thrift store or clothing exchange. Second-hand clothing is not synonymous with poor quality. On the contrary, the stores where you get them, do a thorough curation before putting it up for sale.

Take Care

The care you give to your clothes depends not only on its durability, but also on life in the oceans. How is this?. Every time you wash your clothes, dyes and tiny particles of fibers can come off, in many cases plastic, which end up reaching marine ecosystems. For this reason, we recommend that you wash only when the clothes are really dirty and fill the full load of the washing machine. The more room to move clothes have, the more microplastics will come off.

On the other hand, washing with cold water or at a maximum temperature of 30 ° C will prevent the dyes from coming off easily.

Finally, look at the composition of the fabric of your garments. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon or rayon are not biodegradable and can also release microplastics when washed. The less synthetic fabric the better.


Three keys to achieving an environmentally friendly closet. We have become accustomed to wearing, spending and throwing away. Faced with a sign of wear and tear on our clothes, we simply throw them away, without realizing the damage we do to our planet by not giving that garment a second chance. Faced with this harmful pattern, repairing is an act of love.

The person who repairs a garment, takes special care to leave it as new or even better. In that garment, you carry all the care, patience and love with which it was repaired.

As you can see, there are three simple actions that are at our fingertips in order to have an environmentally friendly closet. And having an environmentally friendly closet, we will contribute to a cleaner planet.

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